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Deodorant stains?

i%26#039;m wearing this dark green top and i let my deodorant sry before i put it on but i still have deodorant do i get rid of them???

Deodorant stains?
To prevent staining my dark tops, I usually apply the deodorant and wait for it to dry, then get a dry towel and gently wipe over where I applied the deodorant to get rid of excess product.

Also, if I have time, I wear an old top while I finish getting ready, then change into my black top before I leave the house. This way my old top gets stained and my black top stays relatively stain free!

If there is still a little staining, I simply dab at it with a damp sponge.
Reply:i think the best way to get rid of stains is dab with baking soda and a little of lemon juice let sit for awhile then rub and wash.if all that fails try oxyclean powder it gets rid of almost every single stain.i hope that solves your problem. Report It

Reply:Stop wearing deodorant.
Reply:check your washing machine on the door. Like whenever you open it up. Then it should have this chart thing
Reply:I hate when that happens but now I use Sure Crystal (lol this sounds like an advert) and im telling you you can spray it over your top and have no problems!

If they are already on there then uhh I usually get a small towel, run it under warm water and DAB, dont rub otherwise its make the top go out of shape and usually just makes it go deeper into the fabric!
Reply:Well you can get them out with my *** its very potent. NAH SORRY SORRY! i have no clue.
Reply:dont wear deoderant
Reply:You can buy sponges in boots - they are designed to get deodrant off clothes

skin rash

Deodorant shopping?

hey i need help picking out deodorant. i tried the gel and it sorta irratated my skin and i dont like the roll on. What deodorant smells good and works good on you. Any suggestions? Thx xoxo

Deodorant shopping?
Try lady speed stick or teen sprint. They smell so so good and they wont damage your skin. try it ,it works. dove is also really great..................secert is the best i use it everyday after dance and the gym
Reply:How rude! You gave you best answer but went with MY advice! uhhh!! Report It

Reply:Ban is pretty good and so is degree
Reply:Secret and dove
Reply:Teen Spirt.......the girl crush...omg SMELLS WONERDUL!!! and the teen spirit sweet strawberries... but the girl crush is sooooooo much better!
Reply:I used to love Secret Platinum. I never sweat with it. However, it has aluminum crystals in it, which might be one of the things that causes Alzheimer%26#039;s Disease. So, I switched to liquid crystal combined with Weleda Wild Rose Spray. On the worst days, liquid crystal alone does not deodorize. When I switched to all natural deodorants, I had some problems finding a good deodorant. A massage therapist advised me to combine the liquid crystal with Weleda deodorant spray. She preferred the sage scent. With this combo, you will still sweat as these are not anti-perspirants, but you will not stink.
Reply:I really like secret (the white stick kind) that smells like coconut, reminds me of summer time! if it gets clumpy or whatever just rub it in with your fingers! Secret also makes a clinical strength deodorant that ive heard works really good. (but i would never spent 10 dollars on deodorant!)
Reply:secret in spanish rose, its yummy
Reply:secrtet, vannila scent


Deodorant - I need to change brands.?

I have used Gillette brand gels for my deodorant of choice for the past 10 or so years.....However, lately I have noticed it does not hold up well if I do any more than a casual day at work (in an office environment) or light activity at home.

I suppose my body chemistry has changed and I may need to change deodorant, but I dont want to go through several brands and find nothing that I like - Any suggestions ??

Deodorant - I need to change brands.?
Mennen musk is what I use... cheap, effective and the scent works with my body chemistry. I notice when I use other brands it seems I can smell the difference in the smell of my body odor.

best to start out cheap and try one that works with your body chemistry. might even be possibly linked to your recent diet and/or meds if your taking any. I am only guessing on this matter for it seems logical enough to suggest.

any rate give a few cheap ones a try and than re-try the one that has done the trick in the past. thats what I do =p
Reply:Degree has really worked for me.
Reply:NEVER USE THOSE STUPID GELS OR SPRAY 1S THAY SUCK *** LOL yeh use regular sticks ... idk wut the red bottles are called i think its old spice... those last forevere!!!! thay work relly gud use that!!!
Reply:fck all the haters axe spary is what you use
Reply:use axe


Deodorant allergy, what do i do??

im allergic to deodorant and i dont know why!! what can i put to act like a deodorant except baking using powder right now and i just want to know if its like dangerous or something if i keep using powder on my armpits....

Deodorant allergy, what do i do??
Your only allergic to the toxic chemicals in the deodorant, try using a 100% all natural deodorant. I use an all natural deodorant, it%26#039;s called Terra Naturals. It works great.
Reply:There is hypo-allergenic deoderant at Walgreens (pharmacy). No, the powder is not dangerous.

Crystal Body Deoderant

~No Aluminum Chlorohydrate.


~Eliminated odor.

~For men %26amp; women.

~Unscented, non-staining.

~Can be used on underarms or feet.

~100% Natural mineral salts.

~Natural deodorant protection.

~Crystal Stick Body Deodorant is made of natural mineral salts and is completely free of perfumes, chemicals and dyes.

~It eliminates body odor.

~Crystal Stick will leave an invisible protection barrier against odor-causing bacteria on your skin.

~It is unscented, hypo-allergenic, non-sticky, non-staining and leaves no white residue.
Reply:Try something all natural.
Reply:See an allergy specialist, Im sure there are deodorants out there for people with allergies
Reply:Try Corn Starch! Baking soda should be no problem! Allergy is likely to fragrance in the deodorant. Alternitive is to just sit there and stink!
Reply:Do you live in the UK? if you do you can go to Lush where they make a solid deoderant with no chemicals, which is probably whats causing the allergy. I you%26#039;re somewhere else I think that health shops and places that make natural soaps might do solid deoderant too or at least point you in the right direction. Try the internet maybe.

Im the same.


Deodorant question?

i%26#039;ve tried a lot of kinds of deodorant/anti-persperant (degree girl, secret clinical strength, ban, adidas, dove, secret, etc) but none of them seem to work very well. they keep the smell nice but i still end up with little wet circles on my shirts - even if it%26#039;s not hot out or im%26#039; not moving - i could just be sitting at home and within an hour after applying it, i%26#039;ll feel sweat.

what is a good women%26#039;s deodorant/anti-anti perspirant that will stop that? or what is a men%26#039;s one (i heard they are stronger and might work better) that doesn%26#039;t have that really %26quot;manly%26quot; smell to it?

Deodorant question?
I feel ya, sister. I%26#039;m a naturally sweaty girl, and I also do taekwondo, so I know a thing or two about it.

I use either Ban or Secret twice a day, but I know you%26#039;ve already tried them, so let me try to help you out another way,

A lot of an antiperspirant%26#039;s effectiveness has to do with how and when it%26#039;s applied. First make sure your armpit is completely shaved (shave in the shape of a cross to acheive this: up, down, left, right) - even a small amount of hair will hold sweat and odor against the skin.

Then make sure the skin is totally dry - if it%26#039;s damp, it makes it a lot harder for the antiperspirant to soak up sweat later on.

Third, apply liberally. The entire armpit secretes sweat, from top to bottom, so swipe it on two, three, or four times to make sure you have an even coat.

Third, and this going to sound silly, hold up your arms and let the it dry for a few seconds. For obvious reasons the deoderant has to go on soft, but you want it to stay on your skin, not rub off on your shirt, so give it a few seconds to set.

There are prescription-grade anti-perspirants available, if none of this works for you. Some are high-strength formulas available over the counter, others are available through your doctor.

Good luck babe!
Reply:I have the same trouble...those sweat circles are sooo embarrassing. Ive tried almost all those deodorants you listed up there also. Ive finnaly found one that works well for me tho. Its a man deodorant it is the Unscented Speed Stick kind. It has a blue lid and is much less expensive that all those clinical strength crap.
Reply:secret clinicla stregnth should work. are you sure your putting it on before bed cause thats what your supposed to do.

if youve tried putting it on before bed and that doesnt work then ask your doctor
Reply:go to the doctor and try something prescription strength
Reply:I would go to the doctor they probably can fix that


Deodorant that works but dosen't damage you're shirt?

So I%26#039;m using right guard xtreme right now but it will leave a deodorant stain on my shirt and when I put it in the washer it would still be there. Anyone know any deodorant that works for guys and doesn%26#039;t destroy your shirt?

Deodorant that works but dosen%26#039;t damage you%26#039;re shirt?
Try the invisible Mitchum gel. It works great and prevents the stains in your shirts.
Reply:try Certain Dri

its highly recommened;my boyfriend uses it and he loves it; not only does it work but theres no white marks.

you can find it at any local drug store

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Deodorant makes my armpit area on my clothing smell.?

I have dealt with this since I can remember. It doesn%26#039;t matter what type of deodorant or antiperspirant I use it always ends up making the armpits of my clothing smell like cat pee. I know this sounds crazy but I just figured I would ask to see if anyone knew of a remedy to make the smell go away. No matter what deodorant I use it mixes with my armpits and clothes and makes this awful amonia smell.

Deodorant makes my armpit area on my clothing smell.?
i use rubbing alcohol and cornstarch instead of deodorant. it really works! swab your %26#039;pits with a fair amount of the alcohol, let it dry and then rub a bunch of cornstarch in there.
Reply:i get that problem too. i have to wear black jumpers so people wont notice anything. its really embarrasing considering that im a 16 year old girl. anyway you could try medicated deoderants especially for people who sweat too much, they are supposed to work quite well. look in your local pharmacy :) xx
Reply:baking soda
Reply:you could wash your armpits once a week with lemon, and dab some vinegar on them instead of using deodorant.